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Yes. We offer a template service for factual word exports and for tables. Custom templates are offered for a one-off fee of $1500 per text document and $350 for an excel document.

Yes. Custom criteria are very easy to add. There is a video tutorial of how to add custom criteria within the software.

Project data can be retained on on Evalu8 for an annual fee of half of the total value of that project. This allows us to pay for storage of data.

Your projects will be auto-archived after 12 months of inactivity. The period of inactivity is based on the last time you processed new data.

You are charged for Evalu8 by the number of unique samples you process, once a sample is processed once you can process it as many times as you like without being charged again.

Each job is invoiced individually and based on the number of samples that have been processed. You are invoice based on a per-sample pricing scheme, the more samples the lower the price becomes. 0 – 30 samples are $5 per sample, 31 – 60 samples are $3 per sample, and 61+ is $0.5 per sample.

Yes. Hill Laboratory is providing all users free access to Evalu8 until the end of 2020. If you would like to trial the software outside of Hill Laboratory we can provide you with access to Evalu8 with example data.

No. When you sign up with Evalu8 you need to provide your accounts email address. We have a 5-day payment term and you will be sent an invoice. You will be capped at $200 worth of data processed before your first payment is received.

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